Wednesday, 15 February 2017


Czech movie `Lost in Munich'..satire or fun!
Kirill Serebrennikov's contemporary Russian film 'The Student'!
 '15th Pune International Film Festival' is over with monotony! It's 'Prabhat Best International Film Award' surprisingly won by the Czech movie `Lost in Munich'..cinematic satire (or fun) on the political history! And 'Best Film Director Award' won by Kirill Serebrennikov for Russian film 'The Student'! Indian film 'Lady of the Lake' got Special Jury Award!
'Sant Tukaram Best Marathi Film Award' won by `Lathe Joshi'! 'Marathi Chitrapat Mahamandal's 'Best Director' award won by Sandeep Patil for 'Dashakriya' & for this film Child artist Arya Adhav got 'Best Actor' award! And Tannishtha Chatarjee won 'Best Actress' award for Marathi film 'Doctor Rakhmabai'! With this Sandeep Sawant's 'Nadi Vahate' got 'Special Jury award' & 'Ghuma' won 'Audience award'!
Again this year there was no change in the selection of films for world competition! As usual some films in this section were not up to that standard & disappointed!..Even jury member mentioned it! (like previous years few films were with superstitious elements!) Organisers should seriously think about the selection of films & who (creative heads) mainly select it!
Lovable Swiss film 'The Little Mountain Boy'.
'Ishti'  Sanskrit Film!
Same thing about Retrospectives & Tributes! Pioneering film of social realism on Indian screen..Chetan Anand's 'Neecha Nagar' (1946) completed 70 years; but it was not focused! Some part was not logical in this festival like 'Spanish dance form in film'! They did not think about homage to renowned Soviet-born ballet dancer & choreographer Maya Plisetskaya who is no more! There were no Homage sections of 'French New Wave' stalwarts..filmmaker Jacques Rivette & cinematographer Raul Coutard who are no more!

Avoiding this festival included section 'Today's talent from France' in which showed some old styled & fancy work! Besides there were also no homages for actresses (mother-daughter) 'Singing in the rain's Debbie Reynolds & 'Star Wars' fame Carrie Fisher who passed away!..And they forgot the homage to late P. K. cinema historian & founder of 'NFAI', Pune! Very sad!!

Sensitive issue based French-Polish film 'The Innocents'.
There was mainly focus on the women & children issues..and very few good films were in this festival like our Indian 'Ishti' (Sanskrit), 'Bokul' (Assamese), 'Harikatha Prasanga' (Kannada), Swiss 'The Little Mountain Boy', Iranian Asghar Farhadi's 'The Salesman', Israel's 'In Between' & French-Polish film 'The Innocents' for which Agata Buzek got 'Best Artist' award! Polish film 'Playground' was on true events but climax was horrible! Participation of Marathi cinema was average; but some covered contemporary subjects!
Israel's film 'In Between'..Women Empowerment!
Though the response for this 15th year less..'PIFF' is expanding like after Mumbai, Nagpur & Solapur! But qualitative growth is important! This time awarded veteran film personalities AVs were technically incorrect with projection! Some media commented on the flaws in presentations of the opening & concluding ceremonies! Seminars in 'PIFF Bazaar' (except one or two) were not topical! I was expecting seminar on 'Parallel cinema movement in India' because it's leading actor Om Puri passed away!
'PIFF' should seriously think about comprehensive development in it's structure..from selection of films with right content & international festival screenings management & 'PIFF' bulletin content!
Best wishes for the future of 'PIFF'!!

- Manoj Kulkarni



Iranian filmmaker Asghar Farhadi.

News that '89th Academy Awards' nominations announced and Asghar Farhadi's Iranian film 'The Salesman' is in the competition of 'Foreign Language Film' category! Before this Farhadi's film 'A Separation' (2012) won 'Oscar's Best Foreign Language Film' award!

Shahab Hosseini & Taraneh Alidoosti in film 'The Salesman'.
'The Salesman' already won 'Best Screenplay' award to Asghar Farhadi & 'Best Actor' award to Shahab Hosseini in last '69th Cannes Film Festival'!--[But in recently over '15th PIFF' this film was not in the competition..They just included in general 'Global cinema' section!..I surprised!]--
'The Salesman' is a story of a couple whose relationship begins to turn sour during their performance of Arthur Miller's 'Death of a Salesman'! Artists Taraneh Alidoosti & Shahab Hosseini acted superbly in it!

I remember Farhadi's film 'Beautiful City' (2004) won 'Golden Peacok' award in our '35th International Film Festival of India' held at Goa! It was nice meeting him that time in 'IFFI's cruise party which he enjoyed a lot!

Best wishes to Farhadi & his film for 'Oscar'!!

- Manoj Kulkarni

Saturday, 15 August 2015

Maharashtra Chief Minister Mr. Devendra Fadnavis & Union Environment Minister Mr. Prakash Javadekar inaugurated '13th PIFF'. Artists Shatrughan Sinha, Tanuja Mukherji , Poet Mahanor & Polish filmmaker Krzysztof  Zanussi were also there with director of  'PIFF' Dr. Jabbar Patel.

This year's '13th Pune International Film Festival's 'Prabhat Best International Feature Film Award' won by Cuban film 'Behavior'! And 'Sant Tukaram Best International Marathi Film Award' shared between 'Elizabeth Ekadashi' & 'Killa'! 
Ethiopian film 'Difret'.

Romantic scene from Russian film 'Test'.
It's 'Audience Best Film Award' won by Russian film 'Test' and 'Prabhat Best International Feature Film Director Award' shared between 'Test's filmmaker Alexander Kott & Czech Republic movie 'Like Never Before's director Zdenek Tyc! And Ethiopian film 'Difret's artist Tizita Hagere got Special Jury Award!
Image from Czech Republic film 'Like Never Before'.

'Akhil Bharatiya Marathi Chitrapat Maha Mandal's Best Marathi Film Director award won by Bhaurao Karhade for 'Khwada' and film 'Ek Hazarachi Note's actress Usha Naik won Best Artist award! Marathi film 'Salaam' got audience award! With 'International Students Films Competitioin', this time 'MTDC' Short Film Competition' was introduced!
Marathi film 'Killa'.
Again this year there was no change in the selection of films for world competition! As usual most of the films in this section were not up to that standard & disappointed in genre too! (Last year there were few films with superstitious elements in it!) 'PIFF' organizers should seriously think about the selection of films and who mainly select it for world competition! Some good films were outside of the competition in Global Cinema section! Some of the good films (including opening 'Timbuktu' & award winner 'Behavior') were came from 'IFFI'!
Emotional scene from Cuban film 'Behavior'.

Same thing about other sections like Retrospectives! There was no Homage section to late film personalities like K.Balchander! On the backdrop of 100 years of world war the theme of '13th PIFF' was 'War against war', but very few films related to theme were there, in which I was expecting early east European cinema; but half of the films screened in it were from Germany! There was also 225th anniversary of French Revolution, so film 'Danton' was appropriate to screen; but there was French Grand Classics section! With this also suggested to screen 'Gone with the wind' on the occasion of it's 75th anniversary & it's backdrop of war too! And importantly asked Homage section of Filmmaker Guru Dutt on his 50th death anniversary..But not included!
Myself with filmmaker Ms.Samruddhi Porey.
In last '12th PIFF' there was retrospective of renowned Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini but without his masterpiece 'Eight & half' and also there was focus on renowned French filmmaker Jean Renoir but without his masterpiece 'Rules of the Game'! There should be some logic for retrospectives & special sections!
Myself with Anandji Shah & Dr.Patel.

'PIFF' is after Mumbai & Aurangabad, from this year started in Pimpri-Chinchwad too! Good, but qualitative growth is important than quantitative! This time awarded veteran film personalities' AVs were also with some mistakes, which honourable guest also pointed out! Two members of films selection committee (one old & one new) have been keeping the hold on 'PIFF's content. And their aptitude of not accepting any valid suggestion is just monopoly! This up to press conferences & screenings arrangements too! Now this is not private film festival, so liberal approach should be there!

'PIFF' should seriously think about comprehensive development in it's structure..from selection of films with right content & international festival screenings management!
As well wisher of 'PIFF' I expressed the feelings! So organizers please take care!
Best wishes for the future of 'PIFF'!!

-Manoj Kulkarni

Thursday, 13 August 2015


Almost a decade over..our 'Internatioanal Film Festival of India' ('IFFI' ) came & settled in Goa! But to achieve the status of prestigious international film festivals like ''Cannes'' (which inspired 'IFFI' to settle in Goa) organizers should have comprehensive concrete plan! Our this main film festival should grow rapidly & show it's spectacular picture!!
Amitabh Bachchan felicitating Rajinikanth with 'Centenary Award'.

'45th International Film Festival of India' held in Goa..with it's special highlights! This time also there was the International Competition section with 15 films in it. This time in Indian Panorama there were 26 films in Feature Films section and 16 films were in Non-Feature Films section. And there was Cinema of the World with varied genre! ..There were also other categories like Masterstrokes, Soul of Asia..with regular Country focus, Retrospective & Homage sections! Apart from this there were special sections like 'Window on South Asian Cinema', 'Restored Classics', 'Focus on North East Tales of Women', 'Tribute to Masters' and 'Celebrating Dance in Indian Cinema'!
Filmmakers Shaji Karun and Mohsen Makhmalbaf.

This '45th IFFI' started with the grand inauguration function in the presence of legendary actors Amitabh Bachchan & Rajinikanth! Inaugural film of this festival was 'The President' (Georgia, France, UK, Germany/2014) directed by renowned Iranian filmmaker Mohsen Makhmalbaf! Political drama in genre, this film tells the story of a dictator who comes face to face with the people he previously subjugated. It's director Makhmalbaf was present in festival with filmmaker wife Marziyeh Meshkini for his retrospective in it! Their films like 'Salam Cinema' & 'The Day I Became A Woman' were in it and it was nice talking with them in the press conference!
'Indian Panorama' section of this festival opened with Marathi feature film 'Elizabeth Ekadashi'!
Marathi film 'Elizabeth Ekadashi'.
While watching this film remembered renowned Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi's famous movie 'Children of Heaven'! I told this to it's director Paresh Mokashi! This time (highest) seven Marathi films were in it, which includes 'Dr.Prakash Baba Aamte', 'Ek Hazarachi Note', 'Killa', 'Lokmanya:Ek Yugpurush', 'Yellow' & 'Rainy Day'! With Marathi there were maximum number of Malayalam & then Bengali films! Malayalam film 'Swapanam' was on the tragedy of drum player's dream! Shaji Karun directed this film is like the next film (of trilogy) after his movie 'Vanaprastham' which was on the life of Kathakalli dancer..I mentioned this while talking to him! 
One thriller kind of Malayalam film 'Drishyam' was which Mohanlal acted superb!
Kannada film '1 December'
Mohanlal in Malayalam film 'Drishyam'.
Bengali film 'Teen Kahon' tells three stories of changing faces of  morality & social values! While watching it's first part remembered Satyajit Ray's 'Samapti' from 'Teen Kanya', second part had impact of French new wave and last shocking part was..Hitchcock's style! While talking with it's director Bauddhayan Mukherji, I discussed it accordingly which he appreciated!
One serious issue based film was in it..Kannada '1 December' of which director P. Sheshadri and actress Niveditha were present there. Odiya film 'Adim Vichar' also came with social issue! With these features some of the non-feature films were which the opening film was 'The Last Adieu' on great documentary maker S. Sukhdev, which made by his daughter Shabnam who was present there! Other strong contemporary films in this section were 'Womb on Rent' & 'Bahadur'! Now Konkani cinema started promoting on the 'IFFI' which there was a trailer & music launch of local film 'Home Sweet Home'!
Filmmaker Buddhadeb Dasgupta & myself.

In Master class of this festival..had a good interaction with renowned Polish filmmaker Krzystof Zanussi and after that our Indian filmmaker Shekhar Kapoor! Bengali filmmaker Buddhadeb Dasgupta also talked on 'The Art of Story Writing in Cinema'! Interacted with writer-filmmaker Gulzar at the inauguration of his retrospective section! His unreleased movie 'Libaas' (1988) screened in it! His daughter & filmmaker Meghana Gulzar was also present at the occasion!
Assamese film 'Ajeyo'.
There was also retrospective of leading filmmaker of Assam, Jahnu Barua and it inaugurated with his film 'Ajeyo' which commented on the injustice in the society! His films reflecting the realism..from 'Halodhia choraye baodhan khai' to recent 'Bandhon' were there in it! He was present with family & we had good interaction!

 This time comparatively Asian Cinema was better in this festival which includes films like 'Jhola' (Nepal), 'Pattern of Love' (Bhutan), 'Time between dog and wolf' (South Korea),'The day I became a woman' (Iran), 'Mardan' (Kurdistan/Iraq), 'A few Cubic meters of Love' (Afghanistan/Iran) & 'Genuine Love' (China). This Asian Cinema depicted burning social issues and love, humanity! 

Myself & Chinese filmmaker Xin Zhang.
Nepali film 'Jhola'
There was one good Uzbekistan's film in 'Festival Kaleidoscope' section..'40 Days of Silence' (Uzbekistan & Tajiskistan) which focused on the silence of one beautiful girl among four women from four generations in house! There was a Retrospective of South Korean filmmaker Jeon Soo-Il and in it his film 'Time Between Dog & Wolf' was on how the professor of media torn between the artistic ideals & the realities of life! In 'International Competition' section also Chinese film 'Genuine Love' touched the heart! Silzati Jakov & Xin Zhang directed this movie focused on very kind hearted woman's great social work of adopting homeless children! In this section there was Azerbaijan's film on the war backdrop..'Nabat' in which title role superbly performed by Fatemeh Motamed Arya!

Myself with Bhutan's filmmaker Karma Deki & DOP.
Myself with Mr. & Mrs. Ramesh Sippy.
Important Open Forum on 'Women in Cinema' held in this festival in which women film personalities participated were Sepideh Farsi & Fatemeh Motamed Arya (Iran), Karma Deki (Bhutan) & Seema Biswas (India). And the key issues discussed in it were 'Freedom of Expression and Cinematic Libertry'! Had a good interaction with Karma Deki about her outstanding film 'Pattern of Love'!..Before concluding of  this festival I had informal discussion with renowned filmmaker Ramesh Sippy (legendary Indian film 'Sholay' fame) in his master class on "How to make first film?" He talked with me on his genre & craft of film making and the classics inspired him too!
Filmmaker Wong Kar Wai receiving 'Lifetime Achievement Award'.
In this festival there was a important conversation on 'IFFI' Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow' in which eminent filmmakers like Shaji Karun, Mike Pandey (President - IDPA) & CEO of 'ESG' Rajan Satardekar participated. In this open forum I also expressed my views that ''Organizers should have comprehensive concrete plan to celebrate the golden jubilee of 'IFFI' which is coming in five years!"
Award winner Russian film 'Leviathan'.

This '45th IFFI's 'Lifetime Achievement Award' was presented to Hong Kong's renowned filmmaker Wong Kar Wai & his movie 'Grand Master' screened as closing film!  It's an epic action feature inspired from the life of legendary Kung Fu master! Filmmaker Wong Kar Wai himself wrote it's screenplay with Zou Jingzi & Xu Haofeng and it cinematographed by Phileppe Le Sourd!
Artists performed in it are Zhang Ziyi, Chang Chen, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Song Hye-Kyo, Wong Hing-Cheung & Julian Cheung Chilam! Wong Kar Wai is popular as master of action & images..and this picture presents it excellently!

'45th IFFI's  all the awards winners in a group photo!
In concluding ceremony..'IFFI's prestigious 'Golden Peacock Award' won by Russian film 'Leviathan'! This film depicts the picture of corruption through the land dispute between common mechanic and mayor of the town! It's a kind of new cinema from modern Russian filmmaker Andrey Zvyagintsev! It's star Alexis Serebryakov got 'Best Actor' award which shared by Dulal Sarkar of Bengali film 'Chotoder Chobi'! And 'Best Director' award was given to Nadav Lapid for Israeli film 'The Kindergarten Teacher'..Poetry loving teacher discovers child poet & takes him under wings to save his greatness from the a theme of this film! In this title role played by Sarit Larry who won 'Best Actress' award which shared by Alina Rodriguez for Cuban film 'Behaviour'! Marathi film 'Ek Hazarachi Note' received Jury Prize! 

-Manoj Kulkarni

Thursday, 3 April 2014


Like 'Cannes film festival' our 'Internatioanal Film Festival of India' ('IFFI' ) has a permanent venue now...and that's also alongside of Goa!..'35th IFFI' was first time organised in Goa and in initial period it gave a feel of carnival!..But now the picture is changed and international film festival culture emerged there..and 'IFFI' settled in Goa!!
Inauguration of 'North-East Cinema' section at the hands of
Chief Minister of Meghalaya, Dr. Mukul Sangma with
Assamese actress Zerifa Wahid, Seema Biswas & filmmaker
Ms.Manju Borah and Director of 'IFFI' Mr. Shankar Mohan.

Czeck filmmaker Jiri Menzel honoured by filmmaker Ramesh Sippy!
Recently '44th International Film Festival of India' held in Goa..with it's special highlights!..This time there was International Competition section and apart from main Indian Panorama and World Cinema,..there were new categories, which includes Masterstrokes, Festival Kaleidoscope, Soul of Asia, Soul in Art..with regular Country focus, Retrospective & Homage sections!..As usual Indian Panorama was divided in two parts..Feature films & Non-Feature films..and this time there was main focus on North-East Cinema!..Apart from this there were special sections..Tribute to Masters of Indian Cinema, Musical Journey of Indian Cinema & Incredible India on Screen!

I&B Minister Mr.Manish Tewai felicitated actress Waheeda Rehman.

At the inauguration ceremony of this '44th IFFI'..renowned Czeck Filmmaker Jiri Menzel honoured with 'Lifetime Achievement Award'!..Actor, Screenwriter & Director..Jiri Menzel became famous, when his first feature film 'Closely Watched Trains' (1967) won Best Foreign Language Film 'Oscar'!
His films like..'Larks on a string' (1969) and 'My sweet little village' (1981)..handled different genre...But his humanistic view and cinematic excellence always received admiration!..His new Czech movie 'The Don Juans' (2013) was the inaugural film of this festival!..Renowned Iranian filmmaker Majid Majidi and famous Hollywood actress Susan Sarandon were there in this function as Chief Guests!

On the occasion of 100 years of Indian Cinema..veteran Actress Waheeda Rehaman honoured with the..first 'Centenary Award for the Indian Film Personality of the year' in the inaugural function of this '44th IFFI'!..This time there was a Special Tribute to our veteran film Actor & Filmmaker Manoj Kumar..who was felicitated..And he also inaugurated 'Indian Panorama' in this film festival..This time there were about 26 feature films & 16 non-feature films from various regional languages of our country..which mainly concerned with the social issues and handled through innovative cinematic treatment!..

This time there were large number of Bengali and Malayalam films as compare to others in it!..In Bengali films Anjan Das's sensitively handled 'Ajana Batas' focused on loneliness & family which Paoli Dam portrayed that character effectively!..Then Indranil Roy chowdhury's 'Phoring' looked in to growing up teen age's feelings!..
In Rituparno Ghosh's last film 'Satyanweshi'..Arpita Chatterjee & co-actor.!
Actress Paoli Dam addressing press conference.

And there was (late) Rituparno Ghosh's last movie 'Satyanweshi' which (director turned actor) Sujay Ghosh portrayed male protagonist & beautiful Arpita Chatterjee performed royal lady nicely!.But missed Rituparno's master touch!!..About Malayalam films..Kamal directed 'Celluloid' depicts the life & times of Dr. J.C.Daniel..the pioneer of Malayalam cinema!..whereas K.R.Manoj's 'Kanyaka Talkies' disappointed with it's different content!..And other side Joy Mathew's suspense thriller 'Shutter' was like a popular commercial movie!..In this Panorama there was one good Kannada film 'Bharath Stores'..directed by P. Sheshadri who focused the tragedy of provision store in growing mall culture in modern India!..M.G.Dattattreya & Sudharani excellently acted in it!

M.G.Dattattreya & Sudharani in Kannda film 'Bharath Stores'.
There were unique Marathi films like..'Fandry', 'Tappal' & 'Astu' in it!..Nagraj Manjule made a satiric cinematic comment in his directorial 'Fandry' in which village children acted naturally!..Sumitra Bhave & Sunil Sukhatankar's 'Astu' portrayed contemporary picture of society with a man who lost his memory!..Then there was good Konkani movie..Laxmikant Shetgaonkar's 'Baga Beach' which explores the struggles of people living on the coastal belt of Goa!..Paoli Dam also acted in it!..Then there was notable Assamese film..Manju Borah's 'Ko:Yad' which depict the survival of village people, where boat used as metaphor!

 There was folk kind of humorous musical too..Sabyasachi Mahapatra's Oriya black & white film 'Sala Budha'! Apart from this, Hindi hit offbeat films were Tigmanshu Dhulia's Irfan Khan acted 'Paan Singh Tomar' and Rakesh Omprakash Mehra's Farhan Akhtar acted 'Bhaag Milkha Bhaag'!..And there was Avinash Kumar Singh's sensitive lyrical 'Listen Amaya' in which hit pair came after long time..Deepti Naval and Farooque Shaikh..who is no more!

Purab Kohli and Kirti Kulhari in Hindi movie 'Jal'.!

There was unique Hindi movie 'JAL' in this '44thIFFI's panorama..It was a triangular love story on the backdrop of water which one young village man knows how to find water in the desert..A popular kind of genre artistically handled by it's director Girish Malik, who himself written it's Screenplay with Rakesh Mishra!...And Artists..Purab Kohli, Tanishtha Chatterjee, Kirti Kulhari, Saidah Jules, Mukul Dev, Yashpal Sharma, Rahul Singh, Ravi Gosain, Gary Richardson & Elena Kazan..played their roles fantastically!..It has Music by..Sonu Nigam & Bikram Ghosh!..'Jal's director Girish Malik was present with artists Purab Kohli & beautiful Kirti Kulhari in 'IFFI', Goa!..It was nice interacting with them after the screening of film!
  Neetu Chandra & old co-actor in Greece/Cyprus film 'Block 12'.

Louise Bourgain & Pierre Rochefort in French film 'Going Away'!
There were few good movies in 'Cinema of the World' of this 'IFFI'!..Greece & Cyprus joint film 'Oikopedo 12' (Block 12)..was a unique film in this section!..A special thing about it..this is Indian actress Neetu Chandra's first international movie! It's unusual adventures of a family, which due to the economic crisis are forced to live in the little house of the father, who has withdrawn from the world!..To make matters worse, the government wants to buy the house..and then what happen is a socio-political satire!..Entirely different kind of genre..for which it's director Kyriacos Tofarides gave abstract touch!..Even he added dream song-dance Indian cinema!..And artists like Costas Demetriou, Carmen Ruggeri played their roles satiricaly & Neetu Chandra appeared beautifuly but in same style of film!..Then there was a good Polish movie 'Life Feels Good' directed by Maciel Pieprzyco!..It deals with Cerebral Palsy disease & life of a person who survive with it!..David Ogradnik acted excellent in it!
Emmanuelle Devos & Gabriel Byrne in French film 'Just A Sigh'
There were three nice French movies..Nicole Garcia's 'Going Away', Jerome Bonnell's 'Just A Sigh' & Katell Quillevere's 'Suzanne'!..How loner teacher meets young mother of a boy and what made them unite is sensitively showed in Nicole Garcia's 'Going Away' in which Louise Bourgain & Pierre Rochefort acted nicely!..And Jarome Bonnell's 'Just A Sigh' had a unique romantic which two strangers meets in the train, exchange their emotions and fall in love passionately! Emmanuelle Devos & Gabriel Byrne acted in a same way in it! Then Katell Quillevere's Suzanne' depict a story of close sisters and their emotional world!..Lala Duenas & Sara Forestier acted sensitively in it!
A climax scene of  Serbian film 'Led'.!

A pleasant surprise in this 'Cinema of the World' section was Serbian 'Led', 'Circles' & renowned filmmaker Goran Paskaljevik's 'When Day Breaks'!..Jelena Bajic Jocic's 'Led' (Ice) was a metaphor!..On the backdrop of the era of Marshal Tito during's story centres around a young man  hunted by memories of his father..With a sensitive cinematic treatment it beautifully visualised!..Velimir 'Bata' Zivojinovi, Olga Odanovic, Danijela Mihajlovic acted nicely in it!
Assunta De Rossi, Alessandra De Rossi & Adrian Sebastain in Philippines film  'The Palawan Script'!

..Then Srdan Golubovic's 'Circles' was based on the real-life events which focused on the socio-political scenario of that region!..And Paskaljevik's 'When Day Breaks' had war backdrop in which retired music professor discovers his true origins under unusual circumstances..Mustafa Nadarevic portrayed this role very sensitively!

And in 'International Competition' section of this 'IFFI'..there were various kind of films..some handled unique themes with exclusive cinematic treatment!..In this Philippines film 'The Palawan Script' was a unusual triangle love story in which two sisters loves a deaf-mute man whose only way of communication is an ancient Palawanon script!..It's director Auraeus Solito handled this subject very sensitively and artists Assunta De Rossi, Alessandra De Rossi & Adrian Sebastain portrayed their characters perfectly!..After this Russian movie 'Waiting for the Sea' was a moving celluloid experience in which one man fights against nature to bring the vanished sea back!

Egor Beroev & Anastasia Mikulchina in Russian film 'Waiting for the Sea'.
.It's symbolic kind of thing which inspire to achieve impossible thing in life!..Director Bakhtyar Khudajnazarov handled this adventurous drama interestingly and Egor Beroev & Anastasia Mikulchina superbly acted in it! Then Israel's movie 'A Place in Heaven' was a cinematic comment on search of peace & love in a war & military life!..It's director Yossi Madmony gave a contemporary look to it!

A group of awards winners in International Competition of this 'IFFI' with juries.
A scene from Polish film 'In Hiding'.!
'Beatriz's War' a East Timor film bagged 'Golden Peacock Award' for Best Film in this '44th International Film Festival of India'!..This film is a passionate story of one woman's conviction to remain loyal  to the man she loves!..Stella Zammataro & Lurdes Pires produced this film directed by Betty Reis & Luigi Acquisto!..Then Indian-Bengali film 'Meghe Dhaka Tara' (new) directed by Kamaleshwar Mukherjee won the 'Silver Peacock award'!..A black & white film based on the life and works of legendary Bengali film writer-director Ritwik Ghatak!..But it mostly focused on his theatre work..and less on his cinematic excellence!..And the Best Director award was given to Kaushik Ganguly for his film 'Apur Panchali'!..This is a  real life story inspired by Subir Banerjee, the child actor who played Apu in renowned filmmaker Satyajit Ray's 'Pather Panchali'!..In acting Alon Moni Aboutboul won the Best Actor award for his performance in the film 'A Place in Heaven', where his performance as a cruel and sensitive character was applauded!..And the Best Actress award won by Magdalena Boczarska for her intense, strong portrayal of a victim who subtly turns an oppressor in Jan Kidawa-Blonski directed Polish film 'In Hiding'!
A scene from Bengali film 'Apur Panchali.'
..The Special Jury Award was granted to Onur Unlu, director of Turkey film 'Thou Gild'st The Even'.!

Pop Singer Remo Fernandes rocked!
Famous Malaysian & Hollywood Actress Michelle Yeoh ('Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon' fame) was the Chief Guest of this '44th IFFI's closing ceremony held at Goa!..Popular Rock fusion artist & Pop Singer  Remo Fernandes rocked in it!! 

- Manoj Kulkarni